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Fostering can be a very rewarding experience. We are in need of foster homes year round, but particularly in the spring, summer, and early fall when many kittens are born. Some may need to be fostered for only a week, while others may need several months of care. By offering your time, energy, and home to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home and prevent overcrowding at the shelter.


We work hard to match the capabilities of the foster parent with the needs of the animal. There are sometimes foster placements appropriate for those who work full time. It is essential that you be able to keep foster animals separated from your own pets. A separate room, such as a spare bathroom or laundry room, will work best.

For more information on fostering, please email

To discuss transporting animals or opportunities for fostering you can call Diane Rashall (Dogs) at 704-576-5824 or Nadine Day (Cats) at 702-897-6569.

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