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Volunteer With LASS

Please bring your interests, your skills, and your desire to help, and LASS will help you find a volunteer opportunity that will be fun and rewarding!  Email


Hands-On Volunteering Opportunities

  • Cuddle shelter cats to increase their socialization

  • Exercise dogs

  • Transport animals to veterinary care or to rescue organizations

  • Assist at adoption events

  • Foster baby kittens

  • Assist with animal photography

    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    All hands-on volunteer opportunities at the Lancaster Animal Shelter MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE. Please complete the Volunteer Application below if you would like to help out at the shelter.



Hands-Up Volunteering Opportunities

  • Assist with our annual luncheon planning. Lots of roles to fill!

  • Join in our participation in community special events

  • Write grant applications

  • Assist with supply drives for the shelter

  • Adopt a donation canister route

  • Assist with social media publicity

  • Call on corporations and businesses to solicit support

  • Create crafts for LASS to sell at craft fairs and festivals

  • Bake dog biscuits to sell at events

  • Plan a fundraiser of your own…a donation dinner party, neighborhood contest, birthday celebration with gifts of donations—the sky’s the limit!

To view volunteer opportunities for events, transports, etc., please complete the volunteer application, then you may join the volunteer Facebook group where volunteer needs are posted.

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