Volunteer With LASS

Please bring your interests, your skills, and your desire to help, and LASS will help you find a volunteer opportunity that will be fun and rewarding!  Email info@lassofsc.org.


Hands-On Volunteering Opportunities***

  • Cuddle shelter cats to increase their socialization

  • Exercise dogs

  • Transport animals to veterinary care or to rescue organizations

  • Assist at adoption events

  • Foster baby kittens

  • Assist with animal photography

    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    All hands-on volunteer opportunities at the Lancaster Animal Shelter MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE through LASS.


Hands-Up Volunteering Opportunities

  • Assist with our annual luncheon planning. Lots of roles to fill!

  • Join in our participation in community special events

  • Write grant applications

  • Assist with supply drives for the shelter

  • Adopt a donation canister route

  • Assist with social media publicity

  • Call on corporations and businesses to solicit support

  • Create crafts for LASS to sell at craft fairs and festivals

  • Bake dog biscuits to sell at events

  • Plan a fundraiser of your own…a donation dinner party, neighborhood contest, birthday celebration with gifts of donations—the sky’s the limit!

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